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Introducing the Grinderino.

If you love your Demibot, but wish you had one that's juuuust a little smaller, your wishes have been granted!

When Botgrinder asked if we can make him a 3.5" frame, he said he wants something just as good as the Demibot but in a smaller package. It took a bit of adjustment, but I think we hit the mark. As for flight controllers, this frame will fit a single board whoop style AIO, or a 20 x 20 stack. The rear of the frame provides plenty of space to fit a VTX of your choice, and just the same, the front will accommodate any camera. We've provided motor mounting holes to fit our Ummagawd Aerolite 1605 3600kv motors, as well as a standard mounting pattern for any other motors you might like to run.

And if you were curious... Yes, this is less than 250g all up weight!

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