Ummagrip "Kinda" Lite - Super Sticky Pad (Blue)

Brand: The Ummagawd Company

Product Code: UG1005015BL-K

Availability:In stock

$3.99 $4.85 3.99

Our first batch of Ummagrip Lite arrived just slightly thicker (~0.5mm) than our QC pass/fail allows. It's still lighter and thinner than regular Ummagrip, but just too thick to for us to call it Ummagrip Lite. So what do we do with this Ummagrip "Kinda" Lite, when it's not as "Lite" as we asked for? We take the extra weight out of the price of course!

This is for those of you who like Ummagrip, the best battery pad in the world, and love the new Lite version, because you want to save some grams and look good doing it. But maybe you're a simple man/woman, and just want some of the good stuff at a lower price. Here's your chance (until we sell out) to get all of the sticky, grippy, Ummagrip protection, lighter, clearer, blue-er, and while we have it, dirt cheap!


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