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BetaFPV BEC Board for Naked GoPro Hero 6/7

by BetaFPV
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The hardest part about building a naked gopro is soldering the power leads to the mainboard. And if you mess it up (lifting a pad, damaging a pin, getting solder on other components), that's it. The other part that can be difficult to manage is the power and record buttons. Ideally, you re-use the same ribbon cable so that you can also retain the LED so you know when you're recording.

This board solves all of that. Simply (but carefully) snap this onto the mainboard, and then you can solder directly onto this with nice big pads, or use the connector to make it even simpler.

*NOTE* that you must remove the female connector (rec, power, gnd) when using this for an umma85/95 build... but it definitely makes that build a lot easier.