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About Us 2

Who we are.

We are enthusiastic representatives of the freestyle FPV drone lifestyle. A brand founded by the professional drone pilot Tommy Tibajia, who is known in the drone world as Ummagawd. Tommy was one of the pioneers of the mini quad freestyle scene and continues to provide innovation, entertainment, and his unique style to the hobby that changed his life.

The Ummagawd Company is owned and operated by it's founders, Tommy Tibajia and Ryan Houston. Tommy leads our brand direction, oversees our product viability and maintains our marketing and public outreach via the Ummagawd Youtube channel, instagram, and Facebook. Ryan Houston oversees the business operations, ecommerce purchasing and sales, as well as product development, design and engineering. 

What we do.

We make cool drone products, cool drone videos, and have as much fun as possible with all the coolest drone people. We aim to amaze, inspire, and support the FPV community, while recognizing the amazing people within it. We exclude no one, and encourage everyone to rise to their fullest potential. We stay genuine, stay positive, and make sure everyone can fly, create, and share.