Rotorx 1407 4140kv Motor

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The motor formerly known as the "Hypetrain Brat". These 1407 Motors are were originally designed for smoothness specifically for the Acrobrat frame. While these are the same motors as the original Brats, they are now simply branded with Rotorx and they don't come with the same big bag of screws. In fact the screws they come with aren't really long enough to mount anything. We've asked the factory to supply longer screws but... no dice. Luckily, M2 screws are easier to get than clean water, so be sure that you have M2 screws long enough when you grab these!

The first "bigger" 3" motor designed for cinematic smoothness, while still balancing efficiency and power. Created specifically for the Acrobrat frame, this motor's priority is to deliver the smoothest operation out of any 1407 on the market and is the lightest in its class. Smooth operation means less vibrations. Less vibrations means less "noise" for your flight controller to deal with. Less "noise" means better performance and better efficiency. Most importantly, less "noise" means less jello for your CMOS camera (ie - the Runcam Split Mini)!

When paired with the HQ 3x3x3xt or RotorX 3044tx, expect ultra smooth performance without compromising power. 

Made for T-mount / T-Style Props!

  • KV: 4140
  • Bearings: MR52ZZ-NSK
  • Stator diameter: 14mm
  • Stator height: 7mm
  • Weight: 13.3 g(including the wire)
  • Wire length: 24(gauge) 100mm
  • Shaft size: 2mm
  • Mounting screw pattern: 12mm
  • Prop Type = T-mount/T-style
  • Input Voltage: 2s-4S                   
  • Magnet: N42 Series

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