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Ummagawd Aerolite 2004 2400kv Motor - Bronze/Gunmetal v1.2

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We recognised that the 2004 motor wasn't made for freestyle bashing as the norm as this motor was more cinewhoop style flying. With v1.2 we've made the motor more robust without affecting weight or performance. We've upgraded the internals to hold the motor bell on during crashes and hard heavy flying. 

With the advancements in digital HD FPV and regulations pushing our hobby to lighter and lighter weight restrictions, I decided it's time to expand our knowledge and development into building a proper lightweight freestyle quad. While others are diving completely into the "build the lightest thing at all costs", I wanted to take a more thought out approach. With a target AUW of ~300g, I exhaustively searched, tested, tweaked, and finally found my ideal lightweight 5" motor.

The motor/prop combo determines how an aircraft will move its weight. For me, a freestyle quad must perform well stabilizing itself in demanding situations, pull out of a dive at the last second, or respond without hesitation to abrupt acrobatic maneuvers. Obviously, this means the right motor, controlling the right prop, spec'd for a specific all up weight.

After testing a range of stator sizes and KVs, I've come to the conclusion that a 2004 is the smallest size for a 5" lightweight prop and that 300g AUW target... but it has to be light weight. So to make the motor as light as possible, I worked with the engineers at the factory to test all options. We made the motor mount use only 2 screws to secure, and thus reducing any extra weight from the base. The bell is perforated with slotted cutouts to reduce rotational mass. This adds to the motors ability to rapidly change speed, similar to the effect of lighter props.  To further reduce rotational mass, strong, yet lightweight titanium bolts are supplied to secure T-mount props. Because the prop shaft simply doesn't need to be as long as other motors it has been reduced to 1.5mm. And finally... after begging other motor factories... we now have the worlds first (on a 5 inch) "ribbon" motor wires! This will make that ultra clean build without even trying. I didn't want to build just "any" 2004 motor, it needed to be special. Speaking of special, this motor has a 3mm shaft with custom oversized 8*4*3 bearings for maximum smoothness and durability.

The KV choices here come from testing 6s and 4s setups and lightweight 5" props. This test was simple: "Pull out of a building dive at the very last second... inches from the ground." Whichever did this best, was the winning choice. I found that 1600kv on 6s was MORE than enough to accomplish this. So 1600kv it is... and with a 6s 450mah battery and HQ 5x3 bi-blades... you'll find yourself getting 5-6min of blissful flights with enough power to put a huge smile on your face. The 2400kv is for the 4s folks with similar power to the 6s setup but with the power shifted to the top end. If you're looking for a motor for your 4inch setup, the 2400kv also happens to be perfect motor for a 6s heavy 4" prop... if that's your thing.

Recommended Props:
HQ 5x3 (for a super smooth and stable experience, great for max flight times, snappy acro moves, and windy conditions)
HQ 5x2x3 (for that "on rails" feeling at the cost of slightly less prop wash handling and less flight time)

NOTE: The titanium screws use a M1.3 hex driver and it is a 12x12 mounting configuration! This motor is designed specifically for the Ummagawd 2fiddy frame, it may not work with other frames.


2004 2400KV